Sheet・Blow molding

Supply customer requested prodocts on top grade quality and best cost.
If you are looking for molder for plastic, feel free to contact to us.

Plastic Production
Hokuto Pla dept (Akita Plant)
Sales Dept (Tokyo branch / Shizuoka branch Hokuto Pla de Gr)

Address and Access

Akita #1 Plant

Akita #1 plant


All process and system are one in plant. This management system is highly evaluated by customers.

Main Equipment

Utilize updated machine, stably produce high function and highly valuable products

Our machine

Including our plastic recycle line, our equipment enable us integrated production
from sheet by extruction molding to forming and bending face printing, We are trying to create recycle society

Vacuum Molding Machine

Heat plate type Pressure Forming

Positive Pressure Room

3 Layer Extruction Molding Machine

Bending Face Printing Machine

Single Layer Blow Forming Machine

Equipment The number of
Pressure and Vacuum Thermoforming Machine 4
Heat plate type Pressure Forming Machine 3
Vacuum Molding Machine 2
Bending Face Printing Machine 2
3 Layer Extruction Machine 1
Single Layer Extruction Machine 2
Single Layer Blow Molding Machine 1
Cut Plate Machine 2
Cooling Machine 3
Recycle Extruction Molding Machine 2
Positive Pressure Room 2
Charger 1


Plastic Sheet

Using row plastic material, produce roll shaped film material in our plant.
We, plastic integrated manufacturer, supply variety of sheets, plane sheet, heat laminating sheet and so on.

Noodle Cup

Polystyrene paper (PSP) has good thermal insulation, strength and moldability Producing cup for instant noodle.

Plastic Tray

BENTO box, delica plastic bag, plastic bag for convenience store.
Producing plastic bags and tray pursuing convenience and mobility.
Supply safety and comfortable tray with thorough quality control

Ampoule (Blow Molding)

Supply high quality ampoule with precise inspection.

Ski・Snowboard parts (Extruction Molding)

Supplying high quality products for top maker.